Recently, Adobe Lightroom Android version for an upgrade, but joined the color separation and iOS version to mist, and other functions, and the Android Lightroom it still have one more function not available in the iOS version – shooting RAW format file. Although used RAW format photos with Adobe Lightroom DNG format, and also not all mobile phone support, but at least provide more space for mobile phone users in the late love. Actually starting from Android 5.0 Lollipop, Google has opened in the Android shooting RAW format file permissions, so users can find a few more try run Android 5.0 above models. But because apple did not do so, because this version of the iOS Lightroom temporarily also can’t add this function.

Since most RAW format files without compression and correction, so although impressions may not be straight out of the picture, but due to retain more image information, thus more leeway to carries on the post-processing, and for professional photographers use camera or lovers, RAW files has almost become the default options. Compared with JPEG pictures straight out, of course, besides late need some technology, RAW format file usually takes up more memory, so if you are small mobile capacity will be careful.