The United States patent and trademark office today announced a Apple patent application for the fingerprint of activate the iPhone to “emergency mode”. If the iPhone owners feel threatened, or a threat, and are being forced to unlock the iPhone, can be quickly activated by fingerprint “emergency mode”.

Simply put, the special finger placed in Touch ID will make the iPhone into the special lock mode, blocking access to private data stored on the phone. In this mode, the iPhone is like a new mobile phone, so if you have a robber forced you unlock the phone, and mobile phones that your private data will ensure safety.

In addition, the “emergency mode” can activate the iPhone camera and microphone, to transmit video and audio response to emergency responders, and by whether they decided to inform the members of your family or friends, or directly contact the police, firefighters and medical personnel. In addition, if users encountered dangerous hiking, can from the emergency mode by calling the rescue, in this mode the GPS automatically activated and will be issued a user’s location.

Users can set a variety of emergency mode, respectively by different finger activation. Of course, like other patents, now also don’t know whether emergency mode will appear in the future of iOS system. But emergency mode can effectively ensure the safety of personal data, and activate the lock can achieve better security.