2015 a year for HTC is not smooth, flagship model M9 don’t reach the expected sales volume and market reputation, the only a slight impression type is similar to the iPhone is shown slightly A9. At the end of 2105, the us is also looking forward to HTC in 2016 to launch a real competitive flagship mobile phones. At present, the rumored model code for “Perfume”.

Pocket – lint that HTC Perfume is most likely to use 5.2 inch screen 2 k, after all, this is the current mainstream standard Android field. As for the screen material, because the A9 already carry AMOLED screen, which means that the Perfume is also likely to change the LCD in the past, to realize more outstanding effect.

Recently, qualcomm release Xiao dragon 820 processor, will become the standard of next year’s flagship smartphone. A source said that HTC will also be 2016 flagship mobile phones equipped with this processor, is very reasonable. In addition, HTC Perfume also is likely to be equipped with a fingerprint sensor, fast charging even USB – C interface and so on the new design.

As for cameras, UltraPixel is failed, basically won’t appear in the camera configuration. Previously, A9 13 million pixel sensor has won high praise, but said HTC Perfume will pick up the new sensor, achieve a more superior quality.

Pocket – lint that HTC Perfume system software may have great change. Although Sense interface should continue to keep, A9 has greatly simplifies the interface, HTC also said it would close to the native Android as much as possible. As for the Android version, source Android 6.1 and 8.0 Sense is the most likely.

According to the law of product release in HTC in recent years, HTC Perfume release time is predictable. Media that non communication before and after the exhibition held in February 2016, is the most likely, that is to say more than two months later, we could see the new flagship of the HTC mobile phone.