Now only samsung application hyperboloid AMOLED display, introduced including the Galaxy S6 edge/edge +, many flagship. Now from a microblog user, Huawei plans and Samsung cooperation, in the next year is expected to launch a configuration hyperboloid flagship phone screen.

The microblogging users said, Huawei is interested in Samsung purchasing 2 k resolution hyperboloid AMOLED screen. And the former “plans to build a new series of high-end phones during the first half of next year, the main of the screen, and planning the production of 3 million units per month.” Now Huawei series of high-end products mainly P series and Mate series, this year’s new Mate S also formally in appearance.

For the net friend “the plan in the first half of next year to create a new series of high-end mobile phone”, we are still not confirmed, but Ssamsung have hyperboloid screen future application to other mobile phone manufacturer of aircraft is not impossible, but the mass production of the screen may face some challenges.