Start-up brand iBIG Stor posted its first wireless mobile hard disk: same iBIG Stor. Hard disk in addition to common functions we common mobile hard disk, it has built-in WiFi module, cooperate iBIG OS, can be read under the common devices such as mobile phones, tablet store content.

The built-in 2.5 inch disk iBIG Stor wireless mobile hard disk, the whole 3 d size is 125 * 80 * 16 mm, look more frivolous, good portability. In addition the fuselage USES the glossy piano paint colorful plastic fuselage, have black, white, red, violet 4 kinds of color, regardless of plastic aside, the overall texture can also.

In terms of usage patterns, iBIG Stor is not as we in the traditional sense of the mobile hard disk can only plug wire, speaking, reading and writing data. It has built-in WiFi module, you can install iBIG OS software in mobile devices such as mobile phone, tablet, computer, speaking, reading and writing on iBIG Stor data above, using the experience more like the NAS. In addition to the ordinary wireless mobile hard disk main mobile connection impassability, iBIG Stor and no built-in battery power, but by USB interface for power supply, when you connect the power supply interface, the use of hard disk automatically judge you need to use wireless capabilities, and switch to WiFi mode.

On the specifications of the storage, iBIG Stor offers two built-in mixed HDD and SSD hard drive, respectively provide 1 TB / 2 TB HDD and 120 gb / 240 gb / 480 gb SSD capacity of several kinds of specifications. The mechanical drive from Seagate. This product launch today, believe that will soon appear in the market.