Recently a photo of the iPhone 7 camera module components exposure, but look from the photos, the iPhone 7 cameras use a flexible connecting cable, and this with the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus is obviously different. According to the previous rumours, iPhone 7 standard optical image stabilization system.

Before and after the iPhone 6s Plus equipped with the function of optical stability, and this function can reduce the problem of motion blur, and the dynamic target weak light environment to provide a better picture. This module need a bigger size, however, never provide space for motion compensation mechanism.

From the photos point of view, iPhone 7 will also increase the optical stabilization system, and iPhone 7 Plus there may even be equipped with dual cameras, but the second gold Webcam responsible for what exactly is unclear, both may provide telephoto, there may be as use image enhancement.

And, apart from camera improvement, iPhone 7 will also have faster processors, pressure-sensitive type Home button and the foundation of the 32 gb storage capacity.