On December 1, Japanese OEM NuAns today officially unveiled a characteristic Windows Mobile phone system, named NuAns Neo.

For Microsoft and Windows 10 mobile system, currently lack most is the manufacturer and the full support of the developer, obviously Japanese manufacturers to join to Win 10 family.

The modelling of the product design, the NuAns Neo with Microsoft the company series products are very similar, but the phone is very thick, 11.3 mm, weighing about 150 grams. After the fuselage of the shell is very unique, allows users to choose different materials, a total of 64 kinds of options.

The front NuAns Neo is equipped with 720p 5 inch screen, carrying in the snapdragon 617 processor, with 2 gb of memory and 16 gb of storage space, combination of cameras for 500 w front rear + 1300 w, battery capacity of 3350 mah, also support the latest USB Type – C and fast charging technology, etc.

Unfortunately this Win 10 mobile phones sold only in Japan, the price of $380. Officially on sale in January next year.