While Motorola’s mobile phone industry status and its heyday and gap, but Motorola’s model was very good in recent years, Moto G and Moto X has a very good design and workmanship, cost-effective, and close to the native Android system is the choice of many users. But in terms of camera, Moto G and Moto X has been good enough, there are part of the reason is also comes from the lack of enough to use the camera application.

And in order to solve this problem, have to buy Motorola’s lenovo recently launched a Moto Camera application, and has been in the Google Play Store app Store online, solve a lot of shortcomings of Motorola’s mobile phone bring Camera application, it is a bit like Microsoft in the company mobile phones do.

First of all, the shutter button design change, flash, HDR mode and the timer icon is changed to the top of the interface, it is easier to control, and also joined the slow motion and panoramic view. In addition, the new Moto Camera integration with Google Photos, not only can realize the seamless backup, but also add the function of automatic scanning, recognizes the qr code and name card. At the same time, lenovo said Moto Camera can also according to the situation of object motion and ambient light automatic compensation, achieve the speed of photo better image quality.

Moto Camera on another change is that the professional model, can provide more fine parameter adjustment, such as exposure compensation, iso, white balance, etc., and the interface design of professional patterns are similar to running the company model some of the Windows Phone system.

But some unfortunately, lenovo said Moto Camera only supports the Motorola 2016 series models, such as has just released a G4 Moto series.