We have seen before on LG G5 drag on the company’s poor sales performance of LG mobile news department in the second quarter performance, and now in order to reverse the situation, LG will launch a new product, it is new V series double screen smart phone. Last quarter, LG mobile division losses of $132 million, while smartphone shipments reached 13.9 million, 3% of the small growth, but because of too much marketing spending, still led to losses. Now LG wants with the new V series products to conquer the mass market.

LG last year has launched a first V series of double screen smartphone V10, and have very good camera, display screen and sound effects, but also become the one of the best Android smartphones on the market. At that time, many people are looking forward to LG G5 can carry on the step to the V10 is perfect, but bolder LG adopted the modular design. Although there is no definite signs that LG will go G series and V series double flagship strategy, but at least as successor of V10, this V20 both from the configuration and performance are more worth users expect.