Recently, the designer Thomas Hick has created a very unique and looks modern fashionable household LED desk Lamp Folding Lamp, the desk Lamp used origami style, and can adjust the shape, can according to user’s mood, furniture and decoration style is to provide a different light.

折纸风格LED造型灯亮相 可根据需要任意变换形状

At present, the Folding Lamp on Kickstarter fund-raising goal of 15000 euros, interested friends can come to see the introduction video know about the Folding structure and function of the Lamp.

Folding Lamp Lamp can be realized through different color and coating process of different lighting is tonal, also can let users to give full play to your imagination, the Folding Lamp fold into any of your favorite model.

If you think your home or office is suitable for Folding the style of the Lamp, so might as well to support on Kickstarter. Folding Lamp price is 149 euros, if all goes well, is expected to ship in February 2016.