Mentioned smart watches at present stage, I believe that the user is the most concerned problem is battery life. Actually not only smart watches, battery life should be all smart device users are concerned about the problem.

If you take the Pebble smart watch, but I don’t want to often picked at the wrist charging, so this new Pebble Ripple solar strap is absolutely suitable for you. The Pebble Ripple solar table you just need to charge for one hour to provide 13 hours of battery life. Compared with the traditional charging mode, energy conservation, environmental protection and more convenient. In addition, more important is Pebble Ripple strap to wear very comfortable, won’t cause any burden.

Pebble Ripple team introduced this band: the solar energy for a long time, we all hope that can be developed to like to wear ordinary watch, don’t need often charge smart watches. Such smart watches after wear, can forget the charging circuit, bid farewell to the wired and wireless devices. In other words, we hope to the development of a battery don’t have to consider is the smart watch.

160 degrees Light Absorbance

Generally speaking, traditional watches once every two years to replace the battery, while the Pebble smart watch need to charge every week. Have data to show that every hour on the earth collection of solar energy, fall to the ground can use a year for the world’s population. And the biggest advantage of solar energy is renewable and very clean.

At present the Pebble Ripple solar strap is the raise Kickstarter to raise funds.