Born for only two years of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One may say that has not yet arrived in the golden period of their life, but this does not mean that SONY and Microsoft did not considering the succession model. In fact, the legend unofficially called PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two development work, already in progress. A game hosting the typical life cycle, the mainstream of the golden age is about seven years + 3 years prior to the dusty period. But, according to foreign media from Sony and Microsoft’s next game host, it will break the practice of the practice for many years.

It should be pointed out that, although the 3D and 4K resolution has become the next task, but the content is still very slow. In addition, although 4K TV, and even the mobile devices toward this direction to develop, but the performance of the game console is still lack of strong support for 4K game.

It is worth mentioning that the concept of virtual reality technology, hot makes the industry demand for faster hardware have increased. Oculus VR is released earlier this year, the high-end PC hardware specifications list, the current generation of host clearly not likely to bear on this application, especially for level 4K application of virtual reality in the future.

Otherwise, AMD in the “five times per watt” in the current host performance to “lure” Sony and Microsoft. On the PS4 and Xbox One, the two companies were adopted based on Jaguar micro architecture AMD customized hardware.

As Geek points out, this makes the Sony and Microsoft could migrate to the x86 architecture, and simplify the development process of the game. Finally, considering the AMD remains x86 hardware suppliers, a new generation of host backward compatibility should also not be a problem.