The iPhone 6c has been rumors will launch, as the upgrade version of the iPhone 5s and now looks more exact evidence. According to foxconn employees in tieba revealed that, the apple iPhone has been in trial-produce, likely in the next year is expected at the end of January, but the appearance of the mobile phone with the iPhone 5s basically the same, or even the same color, but will increase the battery capacity.

Although it is unclear whether the netizen has authenticity, but prior to the release of the iPhone 6s the foxconn employees disclosure are accurate, so the leak of the iPhone 6c information should also have a certain credibility. In addition, about whether the machine is named the iPhone 6c, the workers did not bring the exact information, but is called apple’s new iPhone, but said the 16 GB version.

Be worth what carry is, at present, many scholars dispute 4 inch screen the iPhone’s processor configuration, there is media analysts say if apple for this machine is equipped with A9 processors, so developers will be able to make full use of the processor’s processing performance, create a more dynamic iOS software ecosystem, and also to enhance the attractiveness of the machine.

In addition, if the iPhone 6c in the same appearance with the iPhone 5s, then it is likely to support Touch ID fingerprint recognition, but should not support 3D Touch.

According to the recent microblog product “” the recent exposure of China mobile demo PPT show that apple in April next year or so will launch a flagship product. If this new product for the iPhone is 6c, so “flagship product” title is confirmed the 4 inch screen on the iPhone is not a low-end market positioning, so prices will exceed expectations.