Recently, the Internet was said to be running Android 5.1 operating system of the Blackberry Passport silver version of the real machine. According to the latest speculation, this running Google Android devices will be released in the second quarter of 2016, eventually named Blackberry Passport 2.


News pointed out that only when the Blackberry Venice also listed do well after the company will consider officially launched the Android version of the Passport. Blackberry VeniceĀ also is expected to market in November, so its sales can be pushed in the holiday shopping season. At the appointed time, the Blackberry will unite us four operator AT&T, Verizon, t-mobile and Sprint released along with also VeniceĀ smart phones.

In June, the Blackberry CEO John Chen said that the Blackberry only under the condition of the Android system is safe, can run this system. He said, “so, if we can find a way to make the Android security, we will run the system.” Now it seems the Blackberry team have found makes Android security method.