From non release in March last year, to the CES Qualcomm show ended in January 820, all of the performance, the SoC to the industry and so on for nearly a year’s time. Today, Samsung electronics announced by Samsung parts OEM Snapdragon 820 formal production, in other words the chip also formally entered the stage of retail commercial, the next two months, we will see a lot of carrying the chip’s flagship mobile phone, and at the end of February MWC 2016 would be the best platform.

The Samsung foundry FinFET 14 nm process technology on Snapdragon 820, Samsung this set of 14 nm technology already quite mature, before apple A9, Samsung Exynos 7420 use the flowing process. But Samsung has not made clear in a statement made in the first batch of 820 size is how old, but in accordance with past practice, really want to wait until 820 large shop goods, basically want to before and after June this year.

Now 820 main competitors including Samsung hasn’t released but has already identified 8890, huawei haisi 950 and exposure of to 955, Apple’s A9 and A9X.