Samsung electronics recently launched a series of acquisitions, launched a series of new products, from which we can see: samsung has business focus from hardware to software.

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On November 16th, samsung electronics announced the acquisition of NewNet Canada, the company has the next generation of mobile information technology RCS (rich communications services). If samsung smartphones can introduce RCS technology, global mobile phone users can send large capacity by RCS images and video, you can also provide group chat services.

Last month, samsung acquired VIV Labs, it let us see the further strategy of samsung’s software. VIV Labs has open platform technology, it can open the AI platform for samsung and other companies (third-party partners) as the samsung smartphone development, provide AI services. Apple’s App Store and Google Play has become an open application platform, and they are the same, the VIV Labs technology, samsung also can develop in a direction AI platform.

Harman is the world’s biggest automobile electronic components, samsung spent $8 billion acquisition of haman, the deal told us that the future will be a driverless cars, networked automobile era, infotainment system will play an important role, become the brains of the car.