Tablets with the help of the application can be used as a musical instrument, but have you ever thought with flat assembly into a musical instrument? In order to promote their products, Samsung has recently used the Tab S2 plate assembly out of a piano.

Samsung display a tablet piano

According to introducing, this tablet piano composed of more than 100 Galaxy Tab S2, Samsung invited the famous singer and pianist Myleene Klass busy Spitalfields market conduct site show in London. Samsung electronics branch in the UK and Ireland across IT and mobile business vice President Pierce said that they want to through this kind of music performance device to show its characteristics of the flat thin light.

The Samsung Tab S2 released this year a tablet, it adopted resolution 2048 x1536 9.7 inch screen, 1.9 GHz eight core processor, 3 GB of memory, 32 GB storage, of 210/800 pixel camera, priced at $680.