Samsung’s Gear S series intelligent watch is becoming mature, after several generations of product improvement, Gear S2 by most of the media and consumer praise. But I don’t know is how to consider, the original appearance of the Gear with the same period Gear S Fit smart wristband has not updated, until recently Gear Fit 2 photos after exposure, we know the samsung didn’t give up Gear Fit series.

From the perspective of the photos of exposure, samsung Gear Fit 2 still adopted surface AMOLED display design, but it seems radian and strap after adjustment, make it more relevant to the wrist. And in terms of functional, Gear Fit 2 installed on the back of the fuselage has swelled the heart rate sensor, to be sure and made products that support the heart rate monitor, at the same time as the second paragraph of this series of products, Gear Fit 2 will also join the GPS, when running and cycling and obtain distance information can be more accurate positioning.

In addition it is worth mentioning that with Gear Fit 2 at the same time, exposure and a multi-functional bluetooth headset, called IconX before super small size and the raise on KickStarter Bragi Dash are very similar, sports wear won’t have the slightest negative object, feeling and besides can be as a bluetooth headset, a built-in 4 gb storage IconX can also be used as a media player independently.

In addition, sports enthusiasts oriented IconX adopt waterproof and dustproof and touch operation design, main charge and receive a case itself but also for headset, ingeniously solved the problem of shortage of such portable bluetooth headset battery life.

It is understood that Gear Fit 2 and IconX is expected in the second half of the IFA show debut, the specific price is unknown.