Sony launched the new WS series of sports headphones NW – WS413 / WS414, waterproof and dustproof still support IPX65/68 level.

New Sony bluetooth headset has two paragraphs, the NW – WS413 bluetooth headset built-in 4 gb of storage space, the color is black; NW – WS414 8 gb of built-in storage space, the color is black, beige and green are optional.

Sony WS series of bluetooth headset with the heart-shaped line of one-piece body design, the fuselage surface adhesion antirust coating, can effectively stop the water of the sea and the sand erosion, headphones temperature range in -5°C to 45°C. Also attached for the user of the four dimensions of slab.

Sony NW – WS413 / WS414 on February 13 previous sale in Japan, Sony’s official website, NW – WS414 bluetooth headset is expected to cost about 14000 yen, NW – WS413 bluetooth headset is 11000 yen.