Microsoft is committed to make Windows 10 in a variety of devices bring consistent user experience to the people. So, your PC can be use as a mobile phone.

In the latest 10 Mobile Windows preview, there is a call “Messaging Everywhere” application allows users to run Windows PC to send and receive messages. The user needs to have a support 10 preview Windows mobile device, such as 650 or 950, the company and then activate the feature in Microsoft account, just like the image below. Then, your messages will be synchronized to any selected Windows 10 device, without having to take out a cellular phone can also send and receive messages.

At the same time, in the preview, from Microsoft Windows Mobile instant messaging applications to remove the Skype, because the latter will take the form of general application. Microsoft initially focused on the widely use of video and voice chat application integration into Windows 10 instant messaging services, and later released a preview last year. However, the company last month gave up the plan, will Skype removed from the Windows 10 mobile and desktop, reason is “want to make the application more uniform look. Recently, Microsoft released on the PC version UWP preview, but Skype is still on the mobile platform can be used.

Preview Windows desktop 10 end, meanwhile, the internal test plan participants will receive update UWP version of Skype, the app currently provides the function of group, the user can mass or chatting. Other new features include simultaneous multiple video calls, delete messages or tag group. As for the Windows on the 10 Mobile Skype UWP preview application, Microsoft said will be launched soon.