Wondershare software is a traditional desktop software company, in June 2011 he moved to the mobile Internet, have launched a PowerCam and Dr.Fone, MobileGo. PowerCam is a photo and video processing software, the number of users currently approaching 30 million, Dr.Fone iOS device is a desktop data recovery software has a monthly income of more than 100,000 US dollars. MobileGo is designed for Android mobile phone data management software.

Turning into the mobile Internet in mind, Fu Yu, he said, Wondershare software mainly through research, analysis to determine the desktop user’s mobile needs, based on its own software base, to provide additional value-added services.

Although the launch of the PowerCam has received nearly 30 million users, Fu Yu right so frankly do not understand how a piece of software in the future to make money. He pointed out that already has 100 million registered users of Instagram, still can not think of a good model to make money, had to sell Facebook be a better choice.

Although the move is the trend, but Fu Yu do not think we can live right well, he said, the global mobile Internet market a little virtual fire, and in 2000 the global Internet bubble is very similar, but the experience is a must, and the final decision success is not technology is the capital, would be a few giant confrontation.

In his opinion, the mobile Internet field small team is difficult to survive, unless very star enterprises can do it.

“Technology is a threshold, but not the core of the threshold, unless you have a patent and intellectual property rights. Creativity is not a problem, who can quickly put a better product and business combination, will be able to boil down the health class, education and other applications very easy to access business, in conjunction with traditional industries, in order to make it easier for users to pay for. “he said.